Us or the competition?


  • We do not have to sell your work to another student nor post it online. They do!
  • We do not charge you to be able to see the list of sources we used for your assignment. They do!
  • We allow continuous tracking via the website and email FREE! They do NOT!
  • We have a loyalty application “Submit Your Assignments” and reward you for using our services and referring others to utilize as well! They do NOT! Why not earn bonus money for the next paper just for telling your friend about us? You were going to mention us anyway.
  • The owner of the company checks EVERY ORDER before it is sent out. What other tutoring program does that?
  • We do not guarantee anything that we can not deliver.
  • We have a commercial; that means we are cool.
  • Military discount offered!
  • We also have the best motto ever, “No Homework And Chill”  Who doesn’t want that?