Everyone is looking for ways to save money for essentials they need. Most people do not plan for someone to take care of their homework needs, but when they do, they want the best deal.

How much should an assignment cost? How do I know that your rates will cover my needs? 

Our prices are very fair and competitive in our marketplace. We understand that everyone has a budget and spending allowance. Paying a ghostwriter typically isn’t on the top of the list when it comes down to finances. Our prices ensure that your needs are met and that you receive high-quality work.


However, we can cooperate with you, in regards to saving money, because we offer four types of discounts depending on your homework needs. Our packages are made for every type of student who may need homework help.


Anyone who has served or continues to serve our country deserves an incentive. We offer a ten percent discount on every assignment ordered. Proof has to be sent in with the order or emailed to with the order number attached to keep on file. To maximize the discount, if combined with the membership the client will get a total of 20 percent off every order.


Frequent Users

If you have managed to order from us at least three times,  you should consider becoming a member for discounts. 

Members receive 15 percent off every order along with many perks that other clients would have to buy.

The students who purchase memberships usually have classes that consist of multiple essay writing assignments.

New clients

New customers are entitled to a one-time discount of whatever the monthly promotion or offer is they may have seen advertised. This development is generated as a courtesy to promote our work in hopes to do more assignments for that client in the future.

Loyalty Application

These are offers available to any customer who has purchased and will continue to utilize our services. Those who take advantage of this offer has the “Submit Your Assignments” app downloaded to their phones/tablets.

The clients who use the loyalty application may have writing assignments occasionally.

Coupons can not be combined with any other offers unless they are a member.

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