Why can’t I pay for my paper on the website? Why do you send quotes?

Most companies take payment first without knowing if their experts can do the assignment. There are instances when papers are not submitted in realistic time frames. In addition to, the writers they are requesting may not be available. We want to assure every customer, we only take payment, if we can guarantee to get the work done professionally and promptly. We respect our clients and want to ensure quality service at all times. 

Do I cheat when I use your service?

We provide you with a sample of how your work should be done. Our model work is a great outline and presents a fantastic opportunity to learn from our professional ghostwriter. Our service is your online library tailored to your specific needs; research is not cheating.

How does your writing service work?

We provide free consultation and evaluation based on the requirements that are submitted, based on the information we provide you with pricing for a member/non-member.

Are the memberships a contract?

The Month to month can be canceled at any time after three months of service! The semi-annual and annual are!

What are formatting styles available for your custom essays?

Currently, we offer APA, Chicago, ASA and MLA upon request.

How to send writing materials to the writer?

Anything additional that needs to be sent after a form is completed, as an outline, draft or syllabus, can all be emailed to us. It is highly recommended to carry all tools needed for the initial order.

How much will my order cost?

You can refer to our “custom pricing” page to gain insight on how much your order may cost. We recommend every client to submit their order on our website for a quote to be emailed/texted to them. We firmly advise against companies that offer writing services for less than $7.00 per page. Such websites are fraud and aren’t able to produce a quality paper.

Will my paper be ready on time?

We are highly committed to providing excellent writing services to ensure all our customers that their order will be delivered within their timeline specified.

How many pages should I choose?

The number of pages depends on how many words per page you may need. A double- spaced typically has 250-275 words per page. A single-spaced page is around 550 words. Any title or reference page will be added to your order, and they are free.

Do you guarantee that my paper is unique and not plagiarized?

All documents are formatted specifically for our student. We pledge that all writing is original and created from scratch just for you. Plagiarism reports are also provided at an additional cost. 

Are they any extra fees?

There are no hidden costs. However, if items are added in later, once paper progress has already started, prices may reflect those changes.

Will my professor or teacher know about this?

The information you provide with our services is entirely confidential. All of our staff are required to sign non-disclosure agreements and are not allowed to share any information outside of this company.

How does the refund policy work?

Once we finish your order, we will email it to you. If you think that the requirements of your order were not met, you can request a free revision as long as it is within our guidelines. We can also provide you with a Money Back Guarantee policy.

*Is this legal?

Yes. We provide a model paper, no questions asked. If a student wishes to submit this document as their work, there will be no proof indicating it is not his/her property. 

Do you guarantee a letter grade? 

No. However, the more information provided such as a grading rubric and name of University will help with the research. We ensure we will deliver a high-quality paper but strongly encourage the student to edit writing as needed once received. 

How do I make a payment?

After we observe your assignment, you will receive a quote via email in which you can agree or disagree to pay. Once agreed, your writer will send you an invoice via PayPal. (you do not need a PayPal account).

How do I track the status of my order request?

Once payment is received, you will be given a progress report within 4-24 hours. A tracking number will be provided for you to check the status of your order at any time on the website. You can also opt-in for text message updates. 

How can I get my order?

Once you submit an order, all communication is via email. Papers are sent to the email you put on file with your order form.

Do I get any incentive for referring a friend?

Yes. By downloading our application “Submit Your Assignments” you will earn credits and points by ordering papers and referring us to friends and family. 

 What are the membership benefits?

If you are going to be a recurring customer, why not receive a discount on every paper? The group includes an unlimited amount of submissions. If you have a syllabus, submit all your assignments for the year up front for cheaper pricing and a discounted rate! Join today!

How do the revisions work?

If we fail to follow the instruction orders provided directly from the teacher, we will offer free revision on the article. However, if the instructions came directly from the student who may have misinterpreted the professor’s guidelines, that revision will not be free, as we would have to construct a new paper.

SYA is more expensive than other companies I found online, why should I pay more for this service?

SYA charges a premium for connecting customers with a highly qualified American writer. When it comes to professional document preparation services from talented writers, price and quality go hand in hand.

What happens if I am unhappy with my final order?

If you are unhappy with your last product, we offer free revisions (with a three-day turnaround time). We will be happy to revise it for you as long as it falls in line with your original instructions. Some restrictions and costs may apply.

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