How much do our services cost? We base our pricing on four (4) factors: Deadline (when it is due), the number of pages (how long it is), add-on’s and your academic level.

Keep in mind that many writing services advertise low prices. However, when it comes to making a solid grade and getting exactly what you need, the lower price is simply not worth it.

Our pricing includes a title page, works cited, scans for plagiarism, along with high-quality work.

The prices are presented in USD per 1 page, which is typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced unless specified otherwise in assignment instructions. The average page is approximately 250-275 words.


Type of Service Offered: Academic Paper Writing, Rewriting, Editing, Proofreading, Resume, Business Plan 

Type of Paper: Essay, Term Paper, Book Report, Movie review, Thesis, Thesis Proposal, Research, Article, Research Proposal, Case Study, Book review, Coursework, etc.

Number of Pages: No Limit 

Academic Levels: High school Senior/Graduate, Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D.

Urgency: 24 hours 30 days. (not all timeframes are listed below)

Writer Options: 

  • Basic: Included
  • Top writer: +15%
  • Requested: +10%

  1. Top writers are high ranked professionals in the subject field. (+15%)
  2. Requested writers: You utilize the same writer that assisted you in a previous assignment. (+10%)
  3. Every article includes a basic writer(best available) unless selected otherwise.

Pricing Examples

7 Days10 Days14 Days20 Days
High School $19.00High School $18.00High School $17.50High School $17.00
Undergrad. $22.0Undergrad. $21.50Undergrad. $21.00Undergrad. $20.50
Master $32.00Master $30.00Master $28.00Master $26.00
Doctoral $36.00Doctoral $34.00Doctoral $32.00Doctoral $30.00

Deadlines of 48 hours or less are subject to writer availability, surge pricing, and may have page length restrictions.

Doctoral writers may not be available for deadlines below 72  hours.

Possible Assignment Add on's

Plagiarism Report – $5.00Rough DraftAbstract/AppendixTable of Contents
We use Copyscape and Plagium to provide and generate reports for clients that want to ensure we are 100% original on their assignment.This is an initial draft fee for those who need a rough draft before a final copy. The price varies on the # of pages. (i.e. A one-page paper might cost 18.90, the rough draft fee will be 30 percent of the page. So the cost would be 5.67 for the initial draft, plus the 18.90 for the final copy after needed changes are made. )This is a requirement for APA papers. However, some assignments do not require this feature. So please be sure to select this option on your order form, along with the teacher’s instructions if needed.APA does not require a TOC. However, some instructors require this feature to be included. This would count as an extra page fee.
Textbook/Book Rental FeeMovie Ticket/Rental FeeVisual Aids(Graphs, Tables, Charts, PowerPoint, DiagramProfessional Quality Check-$12.00
Only applies if we have to order a book to complete the assignment. (We won’t charge if you provide)Only applies if we have to pay to see the film, for the film assignment.Prices vary due to size and content*As the paper will be written by a professional writer who is an expert in your field of studies. It will correspond to high-quality standards for sure. Quality check is meant to double-check the paper and recommend a way to improve it, to make it even better.

Keep in mind…If you have any required readings, please attach them to your order, or provide your Blackboard logins so we can access them.


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